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Welcome to my 9th grade projects!!!

Sybolic Map

What is it? This map was a map that took us about a month to do. Each of the small drawings is a symbol for something that has or has had an impact in my life. I first worked on choosing the symbols for things about me and then drew it as a sketch in my art notebook kind of like a draft. Later it was checked by my art teacher and she loved it! I included the title and drawings. It was ready to create the final copy. As a final copy we drew our designs to the final poster and then watercolored it. This is the result.
Reflection To me doing this project was really fun and nice to work in because it got really personal and significative. I got to put what I liked and have fun doing it. It was the kind of project that wasn't hard nor heavy to do. I love using watercolor and it had been a while since the last time I had. Drawing and painting details got hard at times but i'm pretty happy and proud of the final result. I loved it. 

Clay Head

What is it? The clay head was a head which I created when learning to draw proportions of the human head. In order to do this project, I first drew in my sketchbook a regular head and learned where each fraction was placed in the face. Later, I took a piece of clay and divided it into two parts about 70 percent and 30 percent division. When this was done, I made the pieces look like a normal head shape and the other made like a neck. I then made two holes at the middle that were the eyes and put two balls for the eye inside and made lids for each one. Then I created a nose for it and mouth placing it where they are supposed to be as same as I did with ears. Later, I watercolored it and my head was ready!
Reflection Working on the head was really hard to do because it was made out of clay. It kind of felt as if I was doing some character from the "Simpsons" because of the color I painted it with and like a character from a movie where characters have been made of clay. I was really hard to make things be exactly in place and with the right size. It didn't take me very long to do but I still had to repeat several times doing some of the shapes and attaching them better. It was the first time we actually did a "guided" clay shaped figure which wasn't free-style to do like in primary was. I learned a lot..

Facial Proportion

What is it? The facial proportion project was a project in which we each were taken a picture and then cut a pice of it and try to fill it in by drawing the missing parts using the cut-off piece of the photo. I was taken the picture, then it was printed and then I cut horizontally once. I glued the part which I wasn't gonna draw to a piece of cardboard and held on to the other part. I later started to copy the other part into the cardboard with a pencil and finished it. 
Reflection To me, this drawing/project was the hardest one i've done. Copying is a total challenge for me and something i'm not really good at. It was really hard to get the details and shading right but luckily I made it. I like my final result, I don't love it but I think its good for me to have it here so I can get better every time and see my improvement. 

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